Company Cultural

TV33 New Zealand Chinese TV since its inception, for the purpose of "positive development, independent innovation, strengthen exchanges, service Chinese Society", relying on local resources in New Zealand, and many outstanding enterprises, establishing a long-term program exchange and cooperation, selected high ratings at home and abroad rate programs of news, education, science and technology, information, entertainment, is trying to build New Zealand's most influential Chinese media. TV33 team is to vibrant attitude to join the media career, with a strong cohesion and responsibility to meet the new challenges in the future, in the inheritance of innovation, beyond itself, in line with the development and needs of the times, shoulders the task of public opinion, create and establish the hearts of the audience excellent TV program brand and media banner, on the basis of gradually enhance corporate credibility and influence. The style of the program is adhering to the distinctive and innovative ideas and strategies of the public, covering all age groups and multi-domain viewing groups. It is committed to providing gratifying and exciting audiovisual feast for the majority of New Zealand Chinese people. In the digital media trend, TV33 will be "user-oriented, business practice, virtue and unity" as the core value-oriented, follow the natural law of natural selection, in the stable change, so realistic, dare to play.